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Naxos Blue is also a service agency that is specialises in the overall management of your second home on our beautiful island of NAXOS.

Philosophy. Our job is your peace of mind

As you sleep at home, you dream on.
Let us look after your dream.

Do you own a second home on NAXOS and you believe that it’s not always easy to manage it all year from afar? Naxos Holidays Rentals can watch your home throughout the year in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you arrive and to help you make the most of your stay on NAXOS.
You will receive a monthly home visit report and additionally there will be a check-up visit after bad weather, such as high winds or heavy rain.
We will help you keep an eye on and maintain your home before, during and after your stay on NAXOS.
We can take care of all your needs.

The Principle

Contracting Naxos Blue guarantees you optimal monitoring for your home. A visit will be scheduled on a fixed date every month providing you with a detailed report of the interior, exterior and the garden, meaning you can be confident about the state of your home. For your extra comfort and peace of mind, we will also organise a visit within 1 day of any significant inclement weather to check that the wind or rain have not damaged your home. We will notify you of such a visit and provide advice if necessary.

Tranquillity Module. A watchful eye over your corner of paradise

One of the main problems on NAXOS is the high humidity. This becomes even more of a problem when the house is unoccupied for a long time. The humidity causes visible problems on the walls, but also invisible problems such as the deterioration of electrical circuits.
Regular ventilation of the house, and if necessary heating, is the best way of fighting it.
The exterior of your house (shutters, walls, pergola, etc.) is damaged by the sea wind, sun and rain.
With a monthly status check of the outside of your home, we can anticipate the renovation work, so you don’t spend part of your holiday doing it.

This basic module offers you year-round information on your NAXOS home to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises awaiting you when you arrive, so you can enjoy your holiday in complete tranquillity.

The Tranquillity module consists of:

  • 1 monthly visit including:
  • Complete ventilation of the house during each one-hour visit
  • A check of the general condition of the walls, shutters and other internal and external fixtures and fittings. Check of door and window opening mechanisms
  • Check of the water and electricity
  • Photos of the interior, exterior and garden
  • Visits after inclement weather (high winds or heavy rain)
  • Visit report by e-mail
  • Sorting, scanning and sending post via e-mail throughout the year

The Options. Naxos Holidays Rentals provides a range of à la carte options

À la carte options to suit your needs.


Sorting, scanning and sending post (annual option) 
With each visit your post is sorted, opened (as decided by you), scanned and sent by e-mail.

Complete housecleaning service before arrival and after departure 
You can inform us of your arrival and departure dates and we can provide a complete housecleaning service before you come and after you leave. This includes cleaning the floors, kitchen, bathrooms and windows. The cleaning products already in the house will be used. We will notify you of any product that has been used up and any purchased by us will be invoiced and what is unused left at your disposal.

Quarterly housecleaning service 
Every season, a fresh start. To prevent wear and tear we completely clean your house every three months. This includes cleaning the floors, kitchen, bathrooms and windows. The cleaning products already in the house will be used. We will notify you of any product that has been used up and any purchased by us will be invoiced and what is unused left at your disposal.

Heating your house before you arrive for a winter visit so you can come into a nice warm home
Let us know of your winter arrival and we will prepare a warm comfortable house. We will turn on the hating 1 or 2 days before you arrive.
Upon request we can also order wood for fires or stoves, which will be stored outside. The wood will be invoiced by us.

Preparation of garden furniture 
Let us know of your summer arrival and we prepare all your garden furniture: table, chairs, pool loungers, barbeque, etc…

Preparation of bedrooms (beds made on arrival) and bathroom linens 
On arrival all you have to do is unpack, the beds are made and bathroom linen in place.

Buying groceries, household goods and filling the fridge from your list before you arrive
Mineral water, drinks, household goods, dry goods, etc … Provide us with your shopping list and the products will be delivered directly to you, ready to use. The cost of the goods will be charged to the owner.

Port or airport pick up and drop off at the desired location. 
With just an e-mail, you can let us know your exact dates and times of arrival and we will pick you up and take you to your destination. An invaluable service for you, your friends, family or tenants.

Preparation of your own transport (car/motorbike/boat). 
If you have your own transport on NAXOS and want to use it when you arrive, we can make it available for you when you get off the ferry or plane. For example we can take your car to the airport.

Minor interior maintenance (with report and photos) 
Replace a tap, change a shower hose, clean traces of humidity from the wall… for all minor interior maintenance you can rely on us so you don’t have to worry about it during your holiday. The cost of materials is charged to the owner.

Larger jobs:
Are you planning to renovate your second home, or are you in the process of building something? Maybe a pergola around the pool, a kitchen bar or simply repainting the shutters?
If you’re absent and cannot come regularly to monitor the progress, we can take on all maintenance work or improvements (floors, plumbing, masonry, etc.) that you want done. We look for the best local businesses and we supervise the work from beginning to the end (consulting companies, collecting quotes, monitoring the work and providing reports with photos)